Jacquelyn & Chris (Baby Juniper)

Baby Juniper  8/29/2017

Jacquelyn and Chris somehow created this magically calm environment as they birthed their mystery sex baby earth side. With every passing contraction you could feel the love growing between these two! Chris with every contraction would just embrace and support Jacquelyn. They created this humming noise that they both would just in sink hum together throughout every contraction. It was absolutely beautiful to watch and was exactly what Jacquelyn needed. Jacquelyn's mother Nancy even mentioned in awe, how you could feel the amount of LOVE flowing inside these four walls in their birthing suite. When it came to pushing their was no wavering from what had worked for her their entire labor, Jacquelyn remanded in control and stayed calm with Chris right by her side. Her delivery was amazing and the LOVE grew even more when their little girl Juniper Lily was born!!! I don't think there was a dry eye in the room after this birth - AMAZING would be an understatement!! Little Juniper breastfeed shortly afterbirth. Some coaching was needed but it turned out wonderful!!!


Nina WoodfieldComment