What is a Birth Doula?

A doula, also known as a birth companion, birth coach or post-birth supporter, is a non-medical person who assists a woman before, during, or after childbirth, to provide emotional support and physical help if needed. They also provide support to the mother's partner and family.


Why hire a birth Doula?

Physical Support

A doula’s skilled hands and positioning tools can help a malposition baby find its way through the pelvis and into the parent’s arms. With hands on comfort measures such as a massaging touch, Hip Squeeze or a quick breathing technique. Birth doulas are here to support what you need throughout your birth experience.

Emotional Support

Doulas help families feel supported throughout the labor and birth process. We help to create and keep your birth atmosphere the way you want it so your body can work at its best to birth your baby. We are their to encourage you every step of the way with positive affirmations and words of strength. A relaxed mind and body will help your labor experience tremendously!

Partner Support

Whether it’s a romantic partner, a friend or another family member like the baby’s grandmother, the birth partner’s experience matters in birth. Doulas are there to support every birth partner in being as involved as they’d like with the birth. We DO NOT replace your partners support! We help your partners support you throughout labor as needed. We form a birth team allowing one person to take a break as needed while the laboring mother has continued support! Physical and emotional support makes a huge difference for everyone involved.

Evidence-Based Information and Advocacy

DONA International doulas are trained to help families connect with evidence-based resources so they can ask great questions and make more informed decisions about their births. We serve as a bridge of communication between women and their providers, lifting them up to help them find their voices and advocate for their very best care.


Doula Services Available

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