Jennifer & Richard (Baby Zachery)

Baby Zachery  3/15/2018

Jennifer had planned for a natural birth at the birth center but when labor started around 34-35 weeks things changed suddenly. I was hired on the spot for this labor since this was such a shock to the expecting parents. I am one of the on call doulas from the birthing center she was expecting to deliver at. When the midwife found out about Jennifer's situation she called me and asked if I would be willing to step in asap and help them through their now very unexpected hospital delivery. I reached out immediately and started speaking with Richard to help assist him through the Hospital check in process / triage and getting them into the labor suite. I was told that Jennifer was progressing quickly and she was very uncomfortable but still able to handle most of the contractions. Once I arrived to the hospital Jennifer was just getting into the birthing suite and was already at 9cm! We had quite an amazing team of nurses in the room during her delivery to ensure the baby was okay since this was an early delivery. I helped Jennifer find a pattern to start breathing with and encouraged Richard to hold her hand and breath with her to help Jennifer gain and stay in control of her labor. Within a few short moments she was vaginally  checked and cleared for pushing. We coached Jennifer with a few tips on pushing and after a couple of contractions and pushes, she delivered a healthy precious baby boy! He was okayed for a delayed cord clamp since his breathing seemed to be mostly on his own. This was a big concern for mom at this time, especially since he was so early. Unfortunately mom and baby were separated fairly quick to ensure his safety in the NICU. I stayed with Jennifer throughout recovery and Richard went with the baby to the NICU. This was extremely tough on both parents not knowing what was happening. Richard informed us of his progress as much as possible and relayed to us that he was doing great considering all the odds stacked against him for being so early. At this point I just tried to encourage Jennifer to make the most of their time apart. I assisted with her first time breast pumping so she would have some colostrum to provide to the baby when they were together again and encouraged her to rest. We all knew this was going to be a long road ahead but Jennifer & Richard remained so positive the entire time. After a couple of hours Jennifer was able to go see her son. I stayed with them for a little while helping to answer some of their questions and concerns. Encouraging them both to keep staying positive for their little Zachery! This was an intense birth situation but both of these parents have an incredible amount of Strength and LOVE for each other and their new precious bundle of joy. This birth was such a blessing to be apart of, what an amazing family - Beautiful Inside & Out!!!!

Zachery Kaleb Spencer
Born 3/15/2018 @ 2:21 pm
4lbs 7oz  17inches