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Doula, Doula, Doula... You need Nina in your life!!!!  say it with me and get yourself a DOULA !!! When we found out we were pregnant we had already decided on having our child at a birthing center. They provided such a lovely group of doulas that would be on call once baby arrived. Well fast forward to 35 weeks almost 36 and i was going into labor. I had no clue thinking it was Braxton Hicks and labored at home with my mid wife just a phone call away. It then got pretty Intense and since I was early the mid wife said to go to the hospital. Well as we are in the car on the way and I am contracting the whole way, we both realized we never got to attend any birthing classes since they were coming up the next few weeks. OMG we need a doula stat!!! Right then we frantically called to make it happen! By the time I was at the hospital I was already 9cm. They Rushed me upstairs and as that all happened Nina got there ready to rock. My husband and I were so relieved!!! Someone to help us out and guide us through thee unknown. Her calm demeanor made me feel so relaxed and focused. My husband was able to support me and be right by me, but knew she would be there for both of us. She held my hand, even with every painful moment lol, she made eye contact with me and had me feel so comfortable and confident even in the midst of every painful contraction. Her encouraging words were exactly what I needed and my husband knew I/ we were in good hands. It was such a relief. I got to 10cm very quickly and within 2 pushes we had our beautiful baby boy. I felt like super woman with her help!!!! Since he was early he was rushed down to the NICU and my husband went with our son. Nina stayed with me and at this time made it all about me!!! The hospital brought me food, she offered to get me whatever I wanted. Refilled my water and kept letting me know what a rockstar I was just a few moments ago. Since I didn’t have my husband or my baby I was so so incredibly thankful to have her there as I didn’t know what was happening in the NICU. She kept in contact with my husband so I could relax and take it all in. Once I was in my own room she helped me pump for the first time and not a moment went by that she didn’t ask me if I needed anything or told me how proud she was of me. She stayed with me until we got to see our little man and then asked if we needed anything, we said no and off she went to be a New family of three. She then checked in on us everyday and offered such great advice to the two of us. We would have been lost without her!!! Nina was kind, patient, loving, knowledgeable and EXACTLY what we needed. In such a precious private moment, she melted right into our family and made it such a wonderful experience. She will be our first call when we find out we are having the next one for sure!!!! THANK YOU Nina for everything.

-Jennifer Spencer