Pain Management Techniques

Doulas have many techniques to help a laboring mother in pain. Pain is usually a moms biggest fear and that is why I am writing this blog. I wanted to touch base on just a few of the many techniques every doula is knowledgeable about = Pain Management Techniques! 

  • Birthing & Peanut Balls - Many moms prefer to rock back and forth on a birthing ball or kneel over the ball while being on all fours to alleviate back pain / pressure
  • Staying well Hydrated - I know sounds funny but staying well hydrated has many benefits! Helps keep you energized, prevents cramping and the many trips to the bathroom helps keep you moving and keeps labor progressing
  • Massage and Counter Pressure - are some of the main techniques for doulas to use for pain management. 
  • Changing Positions - We will have our moms change positions multiple times throughout labor. This can be for many different reasons from spinning a baby into position, relieving pain or keeping your labor progressing without stalling
  • Essential Oils - Yes Essential Oils have even found there way into the laboring room. Diffusing Lavender Oil helps create a relaxing environment and Peppermint helps with Nausea. This is just to name a few, there are many that can help with pain
  • We don't just try to help you manage your pain. We want to help you embrace each of your contractions so you can feel in control instead of letting you tense up. We call this "Riding the wave" (the wave builds slowly until it peaks, rolls back down to a small resting point then starts again) 
  • Deep Breaths - Slow deep breaths in between your contractions will keep you more relaxed mentally. When you are relaxed mentally - your bottom will automatically be more relaxed too
  • Heat Packs - Can really be a nice pain relief tool or to help relieve tension in sore muscles
  • Water - Many moms say that being in the water, weither it be a bathtub, shower or birthing pool was the most relaxing and comforting part of their labor.

We as doulas have many different options to help each mom with their type of labor pains. Every labor is different so each approach is different with every mom and birth! 

Nina Woodfield