Hannah & Manny (Baby Nova)

Hannah labored at home for several hours before arriving at the birth center. When she arrived she was already at 7-8 cm!! Hannah was very calm and just focused on her breathing throughout her contractions. She was still in great spirits joking around with her other daughter Alura and Manny while we began to fill the tub. Once the tub was filled Hannah and Alura went swimming together! Alura helped pour warm water on her moms back and gently rubbed her back. It was so sweet!!! Hannah remained calm and focused on her task to bring her other precious daughter earth side safely. Manny remained by her side encouraging her with every contraction. Once Hannah started the pushing stage it was only a few moments before Baby Nova arrived in the water. I remember sitting in the room shortly after the birth just thinking to myself how calm and quite this labor was. She really did have an amazingly calm atmosphere. Nova needed a little help breathing at first, this was a very intense and emotional moment for Manny. Which was completely understanable with all of the what if's that could have happened at that very moment. Hannah remained positive and focused and tried to gather herself and start relaxing her own body from labor. Within just a few short moments, everything turned around and everyone was doing great again! The weight in the room was lifted instantly and Hannah just snuggled her new baby girl! Nova is the perfect new addition for this wonderful and loving family.

Nina WoodfieldComment