Haifa & Rob (Baby Akyl)

I was contacted from our Midwife that Haifa was starting to labor at home. I reached out to her husband Rob several times throughout the night. Haifa was experiencing a lot of back pain throughout the night. She took a bath, sat on the ball, tried various positions to help ease the pain. Around 2:20 am her water broke. She decided she was ready to gather her things and head down to the birth center. They arrived around 4am where she was checked and admitted for active labor at 4cm. We laid her on the bed with the peanut ball to rest for a while since they had such a long night and labor was still in the early stages. We did several bathroom runs, and position changes and things were heating up. Rob didnt miss a beat, he was right by her side every step of the way with so many wonderful words of encouragement.  Although Haifa was handling things amazing she was ready to be checked again since it had been a while and she was ready to start using the tub. Haifa was already at 9cm!!! We filled her tub and allowed her to labor, she laid back then went to all fours. The urge to push came pretty quickly after she entered into the tub. Haifa continued to control her breathing and had several great strong pushes. Within a few shorts minutes, Baby Akyl was born in the water!!! A perfect little BOY! Haifa and Rob were completely overjoyed and relieved to have their son safe in their arms! I remember Haifa saying "I Made you - wow AMAZING" This was truly an amazing birth to witness, such confidence and strength between these two new parents throughout the entire birth process. Baby Akyl is absolutely perfect!!!

Nina WoodfieldComment