Ariatna & Carlo (Baby Penelope)

Baby Penelope  3/2/2018

Ariatna's labor started and stopped multiple times for a couple of days before she actively went into labor, leaving her exhausted right from the start. But Exhaustion was not going to stop this momma, with Carlo and her son Jayden by her side she was beyond ready. Ariatna found comfort just talking with her family, eating some delicious Cuban food and moving around into many different positions in the birthing suite. Everything was progressing forward beautifully and she was ready to try out the hydrotherapy method. She labored in the tub for a while, still actively moving around into many positions. Jayden and Carlo would just kiss her forehead and hold her hand. It was absolutely PRECIOUS! Ariatna's waters broke and after a couple more exhausting hours she decided to rest for a bit. We let her rest for a while and she woke up ready to start pushing. Within just a few short minutes her baby girl Penelope was born! Both parents cried in joy after laying eyes on their little girl! Carlo was absolutely amazed with the entire process and with Ariatna and what she just accomplished. Big brother Jayden meet his precious little sister shortly after birth! What a HAPPY big brother! Truly an amazing birth to be present at! 


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